About Mototix

About Us

MotoTix is built for motor enthusiasts by motor enthusiasts. We understand the pain of not being able to own your dream vehicle, or to experience the feeling of freedom and thrill that the best of breed vehicles can offer.

Our goal is to help you gain ownership of your next or even first car, motorcycle, off-roader or watercraft for a fraction of the costs just by donating to one of our automotive prize campaigns.

Whilst your donation provides the chance to win your dream vehicle the extra added bonus is you will also be supporting incredible causes as we donate proceeds to publicly registered charities making an important impact in the animal kingdom worldwide.

Secure Payments

Fast Secure Payments

150+ Vehicles to Win

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Supporting The Community

Supporting The Community

Administration by NSC

Administration by NSC

Unified Impact

When you enter for the chance to win your dream vehicle you will also be contributing back into the community. 15% of your contribution will be directly transferred to a non-profit organization that focuses on animal conservation for the most neglected species around the world.

Together we can create a unified impact within the community whilst also giving motor enthusiasts the chance to win their dream vehicle as a way of saying thanks for doing your part for the community and wildlife.

Administration by the NSC

30+ Years Experience running Sweepstakes

MotoTix raises money for charity by offering incredible vehicles as prizes. Now you get the chance to win your dream car, motorcycle or jetski by simply selecting the number of entries you would like to receive for any given vehicle you desire. All entries will be tallied up and the winner will be selected at random by our New York partner the National Sweepstakes Company ( NSC ) who will verify the winner. NSC has worked with many fortune 500 companies to help administer sweepstakes legally. We are super excited to be working with their team to help us push our mission forward.


Key Insights

Open to Australia, UK, Canada, and USA residents. View Offical Rules for further details or contact us directly.

Pay using the most trusted providers such as GooglePay, ApplePay, Visa and Mastercard.

You can choose any number of vehicles each campaign. Each entry will have a vehicle number and if your number is drawn you win that vehicle

Every Donation helps create a greater impact for causes related to Animal biodiversity and conservation

Winners are randomly drawn. The draw will be verified by the National Sweepstakes Company from New York City

MotoTix pledges to create a fair, transperent and open community that can withness the journey first hand together

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