What is MotoTix?

MotoTix is a fundraising platform that offers entrants the chance to win a new vehicle, all while raising awareness and funds for incredible charities and causes all around the world. You can read more about how exactly our fundraising model works on the "About Us" page of our site here. To find a list of our current prizes available, you can take a look on our site here.

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How do I enter?

To enter, visit the campaign page associated with the vehicle you wish to win click here to see full prize list

Each donation you make also helps Animal Conservation all over the world, so thank you for your help to create a unified impact. Learn how to enter using the alternative method of entry here.

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How is the winner decided?

All entries will be sent to the National Sweepstakes Company for verification. Winners are selected at Random by NSC and annoucnced publicly here.

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What can I win?

We list the best-of-breed vehicles for you to win. There is one prize at the end of each campaign. When you enter, you choose the vehicle you desire, and if your entry is randomly selected, you win the vehicle associated with that entry.

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How much is it to enter?

Donation amounts vary as each vehicle has a different value. To ensure fairness, donations will vary in level to reflect the retail value of each prize.

You can choose the amount you wish to donate at the entry page, here. Donations start from $2 and reach a maximum of $3,000. 15% of all donations will help support animal conservation efforts with various 501(c)(3) and DGR registered charity organizations. Click here to enter without making a donation or Contact Us for more information.

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How do I get Bonus Entries?

Bonus Entries will be available from time to time and will be visible at the campaign entry page (if available). These bonus entries will automatically be assigned to your account when you make your donation so there is nothing else you are required to do to receive them, If you are entering without making a donation, bonus entries (if available) will also automatically be assigned to your account when you enter. You can check your entries by viewing your cart or visiting your account history.

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Can I List My Own Vehicle?

YES! We welcome you to contact us if you have a vehicle you want listed as a prize. We will work with you to determine the retail value of your vehicle and your ability to advertise the promotion.

To Learn more Contact Us here

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Is my Donation Tax Deductible?

All donations made through the MotoTix platform go to the International Animal Conservation Trust, a tax-exempt public charity registered in the United States. I-ACT has partnered with MotoTix to make giving internationally and domestically safe, easy and effective for donors by raising charitable donations from members of the public to fund monetary grants to other charitable organizations helping animals get the much needed help they deserve. Learn more about it here

In accordance with the terms of the campaign you entered, so long as the charity specified in the campaign remains eligible to receive grants when the campaign ends, I-ACT will grant an amount equal to the net proceeds (as defined on each campaign page under the section entitled, “Terms and Conditions" from the campaign to the charity. See Terms of Use for more information on donations and the International Animal Conservation Trust grant making process.

Anyone who donates to I-ACT through the MotoTix platform receives chances to win prizes, however, no donation is required to enter for the chance to win a prize, and a donation does not increase your chances of winning a prize. 

For US Entrants: Because a donation is not required to enter, and because I-ACT is a publicly registered charity, all donations made by donors through the MotoTix platform are tax-deductible to the extent allowed by law in your country of residence. If you have any questions regarding your tax obligations, you should consult with your own tax advisor in your country of residence..

For International Entrants:, We're unable to provide any tax documentation or receipts other than what is provided to U.S. donors. You may request tax receipts but they will be made to U.S. standards. As always, we recommend you speak with a tax professional in your country of residence before deducting any donations made through MotoTix to I-ACT on your taxes. While we're always more than happy to assist you with questions specific to the campaign you are entering, we cannot advise any entrant (whether domestic or international) on applying their donations to their taxes.

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Are there winners for every campaign?

Yes. There is one (1) winner selected for each campaign. Entrants can choose from a range of 200+ vehicles at the time of entry. At the end of campaign, the one (1) entrant will be randomly selected to win the vehicle he or she chose at time of entry.

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Does MotoTix pay the prize tax?

Winners are solely responsible for any applicable taxes on the vehicle. See Official Rules to get a deeper understanding of your tax and other financial responsibilities with respect to the vehicle if you are chosen as a prize winner.

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Where do we deliver the vehicle?

We deliver the vehicle to the United States, Australia, the UK and Canada completely FREE. If a cash alternative is offered, winners are eligible to accept cash in lieu of the vehicle.  See Official Rules and individual campaign Terms and Conditions for complete details with respect to the vehicle associated with the campaign you are entering, including any costs that may be your responsibility.

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What is the Cash Alternative?

A Cash Alternative may be offered in a campaign which allows the prize winner the opportunity to accept cash instead of the vehicle as his/her prize.  If available, the cash alternative details will be provided in the campaign’s terms and conditions, found on the campaign page. If available, the cash alternative value is set by us and is not associated with the market value of the vehicle.

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What if information on the website is wrong?

Nobody is perfect. If anything on the website is incorrect we will reward you for solving the issue. Email us a info@mototix.co

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How will my donation be processed?

We work with some of the best providers in the world that will process your donation safely and securely with the highest level of security in place. You can donate using the most trusted and secure payment methods such as Stripe, Visa, Mastercard, GooglePay, ApplePay, ShopPay, and many more.

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